Club boats available for members

Available for use by all competent sailing members of the club. The Club fleet is the perfect answer to those new to the club, or current members who wish to try other boats or are currently without a boat. We hope that over time members will purchase their own boats but using a club boat should get you started.

Boats available…

2 x Topper Dinghy (Single Handed)

The Topper Dinghy is the perfect boat for the younger sailors. While Light weight and easy to rig and setup, they are fast and exciting to sail and race. The two Toppers that we have are both in very good condition and are rigged to race, and win!.. come and have a go! We have 2 toppers available to use now.

3 x Laser Dinghy (Single Handed)

The Laser is a singe handed Sailing Dinghy that is perfect for an adult. Easy to sail, but fast and rewarding. Its a fantastic boat to race too. Come and have a go, see what you think…We have one Laser available, and another on its way shortly.

Topper Magno (Double Handed)

The Topper Magno is the perfect two person dinghy for either two small adults, adult & child or two capable teenagers. The Magno has Mainsail, Jib and a Spinnaker, making it an exciting and rewarding boat to sail and race.

Laser Bahia (Double Handed)

The Laser Bahia is the biggest of the Double Handed Dinghies that the club has available. The Bahia is the perfect boat for the family to use. There’s plenty of space for two adults & two children to comfortably go for a cruise. Or it can be easily raced with two Adults. The Bahia has a Mainsail, Jib and Spinnaker.

2 x Dart 16 Catamaran (Single or Double Handed)

The Dart 16 is the fastest of all the Club Boats available. It can be sailed single handed or double handed. Its Fast and Stable, and is a great boat to cruise or race. There is plenty of space for you and one or more of the kids, so come and have a go.