Book & Use a Club Boat

Bala SC Club Boats are available to members from 13th March to 31st October 2022.


Please read the information below, which explains how to Book, Sanitise and Use the boats we have.

The boats listed below will be available for use from Saturday 24th April. Due to Covid-19 restrictions there is now a booking system in place, to reserve the boats for use. This is also to prevent people from different households from using the same boat on the same day. The club boats are there to help get new members on the water, but are available to all Competent Sailing Members. If you need any assistance on how to rig the boats please contact Mike Allen who will arrange a quick lesson.

Boat cleaning/sanitising – Located in the Club Patio Shed is a Bucket, Sponge & Spray bottle, ready filled with an Eco Friendly cleaning product. You must use this equipment to clean any contact points on the boat your using, before and after use.

  • Book a boat in advance (Boats are now numbered)
  • Sanitise Boats Before & After use
  • Register your visit for Track and Trace
  • Shed Number Lock Code Request
Boats AvailablePictureBoat Details
Optibat Dinghy

4 Available
Optibat’s are fantastic single handed boats for small children with minimal sailing experience. They are very responsive, while being stable enough to give children the confidence to go sailing alone.
Topper Dinghy

2 Available
The Topper Dinghy is for single handed sailing. They are perfect for teenagers of all ages. Light and easy to move, easy to rig and great fun to sail.
Laser Dinghy

3 Available
The Laser Dinghy is for single handed sailing. Great for cruising or racing at the club. Suitable for teenagers and adults.
Magno Dinghy

1 Available
The Magno Dinghy is for double handed sailing. Great for cruising or racing. Suitable for two adults or teenagers.
Laser Bahia

1 Available
The Laser Bahia is a fantastic two person sailing dinghy. Its very stable, rewarding and is suitable for cruising or racing at the club. Designed for two adults but big enough for a family of four.
Dart 16 Catamaran

2 Available
The Dart 16 Catamaran is a fast, stable and extremely fun piece of kit. Great for blasting and racing single handed, or double handed with two or more adults/children.
Raider 18 Keel Boat

1 Available
The clubs Raider 18 Keel Boat is something a bit different. Perfect for a cruise up the lake. Its left on the Mooring with Sails left on the boat so quick to rig and get sailing.