Welcoming all members back to Bala SC from 6th July 2020

Welcoming all members back to Bala SC from 6th July 2020.

Phase 1 – From 6/7/2020 onwardRisk Assessment & Member Visit Register form


Phase 1 – General Guidelines for Observing COVID-19 Restrictions when visiting

Please read these guidelines carefully before you book or set off to visit Bala SC and please keep checking them before making future visits, since they will be periodically updated with the latest information.

We will be introducing Phase 1 of the club’s return to boating on MONDAY 6TH JULY 2020


The COVID-19 preventative measures are vital to protecting health and wellbeing and to minimising pressure on the frontline services. We all have a role to play in adhering to the Government guidelines and therefore we ask you to observe the following:


Check our website for the latest information

  1. Are you fit to visit? Please do not attend Bala SC if you, or anyone in your household, are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.
  2. Register your visit: Please register your visit prior to arriving at the club by Clicking here

Please advise the committee if you have had to self isolate or tested positive for Covid 19 within 14 days of your visit.

  1. Before traveling: Please check the club website for the latest information; if changes in Government guidelines require the Club to be closed again, this will be communicated first at http://www.balasc.org.uk

Can I sail and what can I sail?

  1. For the moment, the Club is open only to fully paid up members; temporary memberships will not be available. 
  2. Members classed as clinically vulnerable to Covid-19 (all over 70s, pregnant females, or those with certain health conditions as defined in Government guidance) should follow Government advice to stay at home as much as possible but may sail at the Club if you feel fit and well enough to do so
  3. Those who need on water assistance or support to go sailing/windsurfing and cannot provide this from within your own household, may not sail/windsurf at the Club for the moment. Members will be required to launch and recover their own boats. Safety boats will not be on the water during Phase 1 of reopening.
  4. Those coming to the Club may engage in windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, single handed sailing and double handed sailing but only with members of your own household.


Be considerate of others. Be conservative in your activity. Be patient and Be alert.

  1. We are doing everything we can to minimise the hard surfaces you’ll need to touch whilst on site and a regular cleaning regime will be in place, but we can’t avoid touch altogether so we recommend you bring along, and wear when required, a pair of suitable gloves.
  2. The gate will be locked on arrival, until Monday 13th July. Up to that date, please lock the barrier behind you on entry. It is advised you bring gloves to use whilst opening the gate and hand sanitiser. Please take any used gloves home to dispose of. Do not leave any litter at the club. After that date, the café will be open and the gate will be open during Café opening times. Outside opening times, please open and close the barrier as you arrive/leave.
  3. Please park your vehicle at least 5 metres from another vehicle.
  4. It is strongly advised that you do not go sailing alone. Either another member of your household should be present on the beach, or arrange to sail with another boat.
  5. At all times please show consideration for others by respecting the social distancing requirement of 2 metres.
  6. Members visiting Bala SC must not gather in groups of more than 2 (with social distancing maintained), unless it is with members of your own household.
  7. Signage: Please read and follow all signage on site.
  8. Parents bringing children on site are responsible for making sure that your children observe these guidelines, especially social distancing. Please be prepared to help your children launch and recover their boats/boards. 
  9. Stairs up to the clubhouse – a rope will be across the bottom. Please pull this across when you go up the toilet. Please place it to the side when you come down. Only one person at a time in the toilets. Members will use the male toilets and café customers will use the female toilets. Only one cubicle will be open in each toilet. Members will be required to sanitise the toilet after use with the cleaner, wipes and gloves provided. Please wait at the bottom of the stairs if the rope is across. 
  10. The club house, changing rooms, bridge and shed are closed for general access other than for access to toilets. These areas will be taped off, please do not cross the tape.
  11. The changing rooms will remain closed, please arrive ready to sail.
  12. Only toilet facilities will be open in the club house. Please follow clear signage as you come in and exit.
  13. Catering provisions will be available from Monday 13th July 2020
  14. Hand washing facilities are available in the toilets and hand sanitiser will be provided at the entrance to the toilets. Please wash your hands regularly in line with government guidance and especially after touching hard surfaces and after you come off the water.
  15. Please do not spend any longer on site than is necessary. Please give careful consideration to prevailing conditions and the condition of your equipment, when taking the decision to go afloat.

Boat launching and recovery 

  1. Launching boat – Please ensure you launch at a minimum distance of 5 metres from another member
  2. Launching trolleys – Please make sure your trolley is not left in a position to prevent other members from launching
  3. The club winch will not be available to aid in the launch and recovery of boats
  4. Pontoons limited to one boat crew at a time