Club Boats – New for 2019!

Available for use by all competent members paying the club boat membership upgrade.

Boats already available

2 x very nice race ready ex squad Toppers with all the right racing bits
1 x Topper Magno double handed dinghy with asymmetric and trapeze, great family cruising boat for up to 4 people or competitive racer for 2
1 x Laser single hander with XD kit
1 x Dart 16 Catamaran, fun for up to 3 people, great racing for 2, or singlehanded with main only

Still to come…

1 more Dart 16 Catamaran
1 more Laser
A larger double handed Dinghy such as a Laser Bahia or Topper Omega will be added to the fleet shortly (hopefully by Easter)

The Club fleet is the perfect answer to those new to the Club, or current members who wish to try other boats or are currently without a boat. We hope that over time members will purchase their own boats. To encourage this fees will increase at each renewal as follows:

Members 1st year in Club Boat Scheme currently£50.00
2nd year – 1st year fee + 50%£75.00
3rd year – previous year + a further 50%£112.50
4th year – previous year + a further 50%£168.75
5th year – previous year + a further 50%£253.12

If you wish to stay in the club boat scheme then all following years will be charged at the 5th year rate.